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So, I am so excited to be a part of
The Sampler for May 2007! I am on their website for contributing and I am really excited to get a Sampler! I always miss out! You can purchase a subscription on Wednesday, check out the website for details! www.homeofthesampler.com

I also want to take a moment to be proud "Aunt Kimmie." My adorable 4-year-old nephew was in his first horse show yesterday. I couldn't attend, but my mom sent me some great photos. He looks so grown up! He was a winner! Of course, everyone in his age group gets a ribbon, so they all were winners.

Isn't he the cutest?

Okay, I must get to doing schoolwork! Only a couple of more weeks....but I have projects due, assignments to complete and FINALS to study for.....AHHH!
Take care,

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Vanessa V said...

Thank you so much for de-lurking! I love the frizzies!!! As I get older I am just loving this big poofy wild woman hair thing...It is the best!! Cutie nephew for sure! xxo,V