Traumas of Everyday....

I posted a few days ago about the attempted stealing of my car. Well, I got a subpoena today to appear at the guy's preliminary hearing. Apparently, this is the accomplice. The guy in the car itself was a juvenile and we won't have to be there at all for his stuff. "We" are me and the my too super-hero co-workers who called the police. I got the subpoena at work, then I get home and have a package from the juvenile court asking about my losses, etc. Which, may I say are practically nothing, really.

Anyway, it is all very surreal.

On another note, I haven't had a good night's sleep in days. I have this horrible cough. I am actually not sure at this point if I have broncitis, aesthma, pnemonia... I had a chest x-ray on Friday which I should have gotten the results from today, but my doctor called me at home and I was at work. I am just tired of coughing all night long...it is getting old, very old! I can't even talk.

My store: I listed some items over the weekend for the Re-Opening. More items will continue to get listed, so keep checking it out. I have been struggling a little bit with the exhaustion of not sleeping at night and being sick.

Right now I am going to return to trying to get the studio/office organized, although it is a seemingly endless process!

Thanks for reading!

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