Sorry....and Etsy....

First, I apologize for not getting stuff listed as planned! Life has just taken over my....life....

I have put off so much schoolwork that it is insane! Ugh! And I am very unhappy at my full-time job right now. I sick of complaining about it...

So, sorry!

Good news! Hopefully better pictures will be coming soon. One of my best buddies just got a cool new camera and we're going to hopefully have a photo shoot this weekend. YAY! (and more listings at that point!)

Also, I am slowly, like 1 or 2 things a day, listing new items on Etsy, too, so check out my shop there, too. http://bbbellezza.etsy.com
My eBay shop has lots of goodies in it (although I have a lot more to list): http://stores.ebay.com/B-B-Bellezza

If you know of something you would like that is not yet listed, just let me know and I will get it there!

We're half-way through the week! YAY!

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