Happy Sunday

I just wanted to share a couple images of my weekend...they are of my studio/office. Which is almost completely clean and organized. Woo Hoo!

Here's dolly I made yesterday. She needs some help holding her head up, so now she lives on my shelf. But I hope to make another (and more after that) soon, now that I have figured out where I went wrong. I think....

I also made this pretty window treatment yesterday. It's hard to see, but the fabric is a really pretty sheer with butterflies and flowers sown on, as well as some really subtle sequins.
And finally,
My postcard pack from The Black Apple, which I adore! I was originally planning on putting them in cute frames and hanging them, but then I got this idea somewhere (I am not sure where exactly, I know I got it from somewhere else, though) to glue buttons onto thumbtacks. They look adorable and I just love this little section of my wall! (the best part, you get 2 of each print!! So I have a whole set yet to send to people, or decorate other parts of my house! YAY!)
I also do plan on painting my studio/office, but I just haven't had a chance. I am not really allowed to paint, either (I rent) but people do it all the time.
I also spent some time organizing my sewing notions on my sewing table and my buttons are too cute in a cute jar!
Now to organize my supplies, which have taken over the laundry room.
It is just so much more inspiring and peaceful to have a clean, organized, PRETTY space!
Happy Sunday!
(P.S. I am trying my hardest to get to updating my eBay store today, I have been distracted with cleaning and with schoolwork. Oh, and of course the doll yesterday. LOL....)

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