Craft Kits Available Soon! I need people to test them out!

I am putting together some craft kits - kits that have all the supplies you need to make whatever craft is in the kit. At present, I am working on jewelry kits. I want to make sure that my instructions are clear and people will understand how to use these kits when they get the instrustions, so I am asking if a few people will test them out for me. You will need a pair of plyers and a pair of wire-cutters. You don't need any special kind, if you have an old pair lying around the house, they will do. I didn't get nice tools for awhile and made some great pieces in the meantime.

Who I am looking for: People who are interested in making jewelry, who haven't made it before. Or people who like to make jewelry, who do not have much experience. If you don't fit into this category and would like to help me out, contact me anyway!

What you get:
1. A FREE jewelry craft kit.
2. A completed piece of jewelry....hopefully....if the kit works properly.
3. The satisfaction of knowing that you helped someone.

What you promise to do by receiving a kit:
1. Try out the jewelry craft kit in a timely manner. I would like to know what you think within a week.
2. Fill out a survey, which will be included.
3. Agree that I can use the craft kit survey anyway I choose, which might include quoting from it, or changing my product from your suggestions.
4. You also promise not to steal this idea or any of my original designs.
*I would also love pictures of the finished project, but it is not a requirement.*

You can contact me at
BBBellezza@hotmail.com with your address and a quick note that this is why you are writing to me, and I will get a kit out to you!

Thanks for your help!

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