New Listings....Again

Out of an outrage of eBay's store fees going up, I had ended a lot of my listings of individual aromas in my store. Instead listing "Lavender Bath Salts" I created a "Customize your Bath Salts" listing. The idea was that the customer would just pick from all of my scents and let me know what they chose. This isn't working at all, from as far as I can tell, so I am going back to the old way. This is such a long and tedious process for me because of my perfectionism. I am revamping each listing and I have more scents, a/k/a aromas, now, too. I have gotten through all of the powders I believe.

I have also added a category to "Shop by Aroma." So, if you know you love Rose, just go to "Shop by Aroma" and click on "Rose" (Shop by Aroma : Rose) and then you can see all of my rose products. Of course, at the moment you will only see Rose Body Dusting Powder because I have spent the entire day just working on Body Powder. I think it is worth it though!

Hopefully this works better.....I think most people probably just want to pick the listing they want and not have to make a bunch of choices.
Of course, you can still create your own scent by blending any of my aromas together.
See my choices on my Aromatherapy Page.
Let me know what you think!

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