New Lotion!

I am really excited that I found a new recipe for lotion that I can actually make with stuff in my house right now! I keep finding receipes, but then I don't have one thing or another then put it off and never make it, so Yay! I even bought a blender. I know, it's sad, I actually didn't own a blender before today.
I got too busy tonight to make any....homework and shipping stuff! Which reminds me...I sell used books on eBay, too! You can find them in my store inventory, in auctions and on half.com
I usually list books at least every 2 weeks, usually weekly (on the weekend).

If you would like a free sample pack, please email me with your mailing address. I am getting them together. I will post a photo when I am finally happy with them. They will probably each vary with the items that they include. You can at any time request a small sample of pretty much anything I sell, just let me know!

Also, I have a newsletter on eBay, and I have started on a printed newsletter in its very basic beginning stages. Now I am planning on doing an email newsletter. Email with "Subscribe" in the subject line if you would like to subscribe! Thanks!

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