10 Ways to Recycle and Reuse Newspaper

This Sunday - April 22, 2012 - is the 42nd Earth Day!

As you know, I am a huge supporter of trying to preserve the earth with little steps that you can take each day.  And I love making things with items that were originally destined for the trash!

Today, I bring you 10 Ways to Reuse Newspaper!

First of all, you can eliminate the need to do anything with newspaper by getting your news online!  However, I know that sometimes you just want the physical paper in your hands. 

If you must subscribe, here are some things to do with your newspaper when you're done reading it:

2.  Make cute decorations!  I made hearts for Valentine's Day, but you can make any shape you like!

3.  This was originally another Valentine's Day project for me, but you can make any shape you want with this great tutorial.  It basically transforms newspaper into clay.

4.   More newspaper flowers!  These were at Ripley's Believe it or Not in Atlantic Ciy, NJ!

5.  Crumpled up newspapers are great for absorbing odors.  Put them in coolers when you are storing them to keep them fresh!  Put in luggage when you are storing it.  Or stuff them in your sweaty sneakers to absorb the moisture and odor.

6.  Line your veggie draws in your frig with it.  Again, it absorbs the moisture and smells.

7.  Wrapping paper!  Look at that amazing bow on top, too!  I found how to do this on Adelle.com.au

8.  Paper Hat

9.  Flower Pot!  Bonus:  you can put the pot right into the ground!

10.  Use around the house:  messy cleanup, line pet cages, line kitty litter (or even use as kitty litter in a pinch!), wash windows and line trash cans.

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