Recycle and Reuse Your Clothes!

This month, I'm focusing on how to Recycle and Reuse old clothing.  
One way - and probably one of the major ways - that I reuse old clothing is to make it into jewelry.  I've been making cuffs, mainly out of old jeans, but also with some other clothes.  I've also made pins as well.

The cool thing about reusing clothing is that you can basically make anything you would out of any new fabric, because...it is fabric.  You may have to think a little more creatively because of a hole here or a stain there that you have to cut around.

Another major project that I do with old clothing is rag dolls.

You can refashion your old clothing into new DIY fashions:  Recycled Your Clothes Into New DIY Fashions (Lots of ideas there!)

I did a post about recycling clothing previously that has some great tips.

Here's a cute video about how some artists are reusing clothing, and how to make a plain t-shirt into a cuter shirt without sewing!

Even if you're not crafty or don't wish to make something from your worn out clothes, you can always donate clothing (even worn out clothing) to your local good will or salvation army.  They pass along worn clothes to other organizations who use them for rags, etc.  

Or you can make your own rags from your old clothes!

And, if you have worn out jeans and are in the Lancaster, PA area - I'm always looking for denim!

Next week, look for another post about reusing and recycling clothing!

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i love posts about recycling clothes! thanks for sharing!