Tuesday Tip for Greener Living: Clothes

Recently, in a recent article in my local newspaper and on Daily Worth, I have been seeing a lot of suggestions about shopping for clothes in your own closet before buying more clothes. This makes financial sense, but it also makes ecological sense as well.

Some suggestions I gleaned from each article include:

  • Clean out your closet before shopping because you will find many items you have forgotten about and that you could use in different ways. (From Daily Worth via http://www.itsfrugalbeinggreen.com/)
  • When you do clean out your closet, make sure that you donate what you no longer love or will wear to your local Good Will, Salvation Army, or other organization.
  • If you clothing is damaged beyond repair or cannot be worn by anyone, maybe it could be useful to your local crafter or recycling artist. I personally take donations of such clothing to make my recycled dolls. I can cut out awesome material between the holes or stains, etc. that make them unwearable.
  • Don't buy clothes that you don't love or you won't wear. For example, if you love the shirt, but it doesn't quit fit you...don't buy it because you won't wear it. Or perhaps you love the design of a shirt, but you don't like the material, again, don't buy it....you won't wear it. (Daily Worth) You are then not only wasting your money (money you could spend on something you will wear and love, perhaps), but you are also wasting the resources that were used to make that article of clothing. (Of course, you can redeem yourself by donating it.)

If you have any unwearable clothing, and are local to Lancaster, PA, please contact me, I may be able to use it.

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brookiellen said...

great tips!!! I give stuff to goodwill all the time. But now I'll probably be keeping more since I am making diapers out of recycled clothes...:)