Green Handmade Jewelry - Why It is Important

I write a lot about Recycling and Reusing and living green.  I also write about my green handmade jewelry.

But why?

I make jewelry out of items that could otherwise be discarded because I am worried about the earth.  I think that we are destroying it and I want to do whatever I can to stop it.  

I don't think that my little business with it's game tile pendants, hardware jewelry and other funky jewelry is going to save the earth.  

However, I think know my customers are going to save the earth.

Step-by-step, one little can, newspaper, plastic bag, whatever it is, at a time.  Everything we do does make a difference.  If I can reach more of you, then more people are thinking about the planet and all the little steps and all those steps of all of us do add up.

What I'm trying to do here is bigger than fashion, or the perfect gift or a memory.  It's bigger than a couple of tips.  I'm calmly and slowly fighting for our planet.  Fighting for the generations that will come after us.  I want them to see trees and butterflies and flowers and know the beauty that I see.  I want them to know what it's like to take a hike in the woods and see a waterfall.

What can you do?

1.  Read my weekly green tips and try doing something new.  Already living green?  Add to the conversation!  Add a comment to this post or any of my Green Tips Posts!  

2.  Tell your friends!  Share with them about little steps they can take or share with them what you do.  Be a living example!  Direct them here on Tuesdays for a tip!

3.  Support Green Businesses.  I am one, there are others!  (I'm the proud new owner of the 2012 National Green Pages, so I'll be sure to share other businesses, too!)

4.  Purchase my eco-friendly jewelry!  (More on this below....)

5.  Do your very best every day.  You'll screw up sometimes.  (i.e. I forgot my canvas bag at the store today) but just do your best.  

6.  Like green tutorials?  I have moved my tutorials over to my new blog at KimberlieKohler.com  Learn how to reuse all the stuff that is clogging up our waterways and land and don't let it get there.

Using Green Jewelry to Start a Green Conversation

Beyond just saving a game piece or another small object from the landfill, and beyond not using resources to make new materials (both of which I think are important and helpful), wearing my eco-friendly jewelry can help you start a conversation about green issues.  You could give someone information that didn't have before.  You never know how you can affect those around you.  You never know how that person can affect others....and so on.  You could start a whole green team, and not even realize it.

I try to make it easier for you by giving you something to wear to get a conversation started.

Here are 2 sample conversations you can try out.  One if you really do want to get into a conversation about it; one for if you really don’t want to have a whole conversation, but want the jewelry to speak for itself. 

Sample Conversations: 

She says:  “Hey, girl!  I love that cool pendant you have on!” 

You say:  “Thanks so much!  It’s an actual scrabble tile (flip over tile and show her) and the designer recycled it into this cool jewelry.” 

She says:  “Wow that is awesome.” 

You say:  “I like helping the environment in any way I can.  We keep destroying it at 
such a fast rate, every little bit helps.” 

She says:  “I didn’t know that you were so eco-friendly.” 

You say:  “It only takes a few small steps to make a difference, and it doesn’t feel 
like it’s really taking more time or effort than if I weren’t being eco-friendly.” 

She says:  “Tell me more.” 

Then you can tell her some of the ways you are eco-friendly:  recycling, using a drying 
rack instead of a dryer, using recycled paper, etc. 

You can also suggest she checks out www.BBBellezza.com for easy tips and 
handcrafted green jewelry.  (Thanks!!) 

Conversation #2:

If you don’t really want to get into a whole conversation about recycling, try this: 

She says:  “Hey, girl!  I love that cool pendant you have on!” 

You say:  “Thanks so much!  It’s an actual scrabble tile (tip over and show her) and the designer recycled it into this cool jewelry” 

She says:  “Wow, that is awesome.” 

You say:  “You should check out her website at www.BBBellezza.com”  (Or, if you are in Lancaster, PA, you can tell her to check out my booth at Building Character.) 

She says:  “Thanks, I will.” 

Then you have pointed her to my website, where she will find tips for greener living and handcrafted green jewelry.  I'll take it from there.  :)  

Plus, you have my unending gratitude. 
I just finished writing a mini eBook:  "Jewelry Trends and Being Eco-Friendly."

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  • Trends in Jewelry and How to do them the Eco-Friendly Way
  • Sample Conversations to help you use your eco-friendly jewelry to start a conversation (or how to still get your point across without having a lengthy conversation.)
  • Plus, bonus 14 Simple and Easy Tips for Greener Living.
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