Learn How to Make Things! Tutorials!

I love Craftsy.  You want to make something?  Just search on Craftsy, find the tutorial, pay and you have it instantly.

I sell my tutorials on Craftsy, too!

What's great about my tutorials?

I have 2 main types of tutorials:  Digital Programs and Individual Tutorials. 

Digital Programs contain usually at least 4 different individual projects (many times more!), plus all the skills you need to make them.  They give you ideas for customizing and personalization and making each project more your own. 

Individual tutorials have 1 project and all the skills you need to make it.  I don't just tell you to "open a jump ring" here.  I give you photos and tell you exactly how to open the jump ring.  (There is a specific way and most beginners don't know that!)

Design-a-doll is one project, but I teach you how to design your own doll!!  You can use this tutorial over and over again to make lots of dolls!

  • You learn more than just how to make a project (or projects).  I teach you skills to be able to make it your own and come up with your own projects.
  • TONS of full color photos.  Big photos with details! 
  • Detailed instructions.  I teach you like you know nothing.  (Except for anything involving sewing.  With the doll tutorials and cuff tutorials, I assume you know how to sew at least in a straight line.)
  • You can email me questions!  I want you to succeed.  I'm just an email away! 
  • Bonus:  I don't mind if you sell the products you make from my tutorials!
To see all of my current digital programs and tutorials, check out my Craftsy Pattern Store.

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