Map Week Day 2: Map Flower Tutorial

Today is Day 2 of Map Week!

In case you missed it here's Map Week Day 1

and Where to find maps to use in crafts.

Map Flower Tutorial!

To make these, you'll need:

  • Old maps
  • 2 buttons per flower
  • Flower wire  
  • Flower pattern 
  • Pencil
  • Scissors 
  • Pliers 
  • Awl (or something to poke holes in the map pieces.)
Follow the same steps in my Newspaper Flower Tutorial

Here are the quick instructions:  (See my Newspaper Flower Tutorial for photos and instructions.)

1.  Print out the flower pattern.
2.  Use the pattern to cut out 2 small flowers and 2 large flowers.
3.  Use a pencil  to curl up the petals of the 2 small flowers and 1 of the large flowers
4.  Stagger the flowers on a pile, so that the petals are between the other petals.
5.  Poke 2 holes in the maps in the middle.
6.  Bend the floral wire in half.
7.  Place a button face up on the floral wire.
8.  Place the map pieces on the floral wire.
9.  Place the other button under the map flowers.
10.  Twist the floral wire.  I hold the wire with my pliers and twist by turning the flower.

Make a whole bunch to make a fun bouquet.  These would be great at a destination wedding, travel themed party or going away party.  Or they make a great decoration for any who loves maps or travel.

These look great in the decoupage jar I made.  You can watch my Decoupage Jar Tutorial video and make the jar, too!

Are you Crafting Along and making the Travel Paper Bag Scrapbook?

Yesterday was Day 1

Today is Day 2

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