New Tutorial Available: Hardware Fabric Cuff Bracelet

Learn how to make a Hardware Fabric Cuff Bracelet!

Make this unique bracelet using worn denim and leftover hardware.  Denim only gets better with age, so when you outgrow or have ruined your jeans, save them!  Cut around the worn parts to make this bracelet.
This bracelet is great for people with metal allergies - no metal touches your skin!

All you need to  know already is how to sew in a straight line.  I'll teach you everything else!

(Note, if you want to learn how to make several different types of cuffs and get ideas for customization, try my Fabric Cuff Workshop!  Just $15)

With all my tutorials, if you get stuck, you'll have my email for help!


I now have a pattern store on Craftsy!  Craftsy makes things easy and smooth.  After you pay for your tutorial, you can immediately download it.  On etsy you had to wait for me to email your pattern, which could be within 24 hours.  Unless I get feedback that convinces me otherwise, I'll be listing my tutorial/patterns on Craftsy from here on out.


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