New Digital Workshop Available: Design - a - Doll Boy

This is the boy version of my Design-a-Doll Workshop. I had made only girl dolls until one day my nephew asked me to make him a boy zombie doll. I made it to look like him and he loved it. (And even noticed that the doll looked like him!)

This tutorial is so much more than a tutorial, which is why I have called it a "workshop."

You'll learn how to make a rag doll - from designing it to sewing it. I also teach you how to embroider the face, make my version of a zombie doll or do a painted face.

If you're not up for designing your own doll, I've included a pattern for the doll, too.

These dolls are so addicting to make!

The list of materials seems sort of long, but you probably have most of the materials already. I like to use up old worn clothes. I especially love to make the boy dolls with old jeans for their pants.

Save memories by using your kids' favorite clothes or blankets and making them into a doll. Or remember a loved one who has passed on.

Just $15 in my Craftsy Pattern Store.  Pay and you can instantly download!

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