Eco-Friendly Fabric Tassel Garland Tutorial

This tassel garland is fully customizable.  Use old worn out clothes and it's eco-friendly as well.  

I saw Prudent Baby's tutorial and decided to try it out myself!

  • A variety of coordinating fabrics
  • Ribbon, lace or string

  • Scissors 
Step #1
Cut your fabric into squares or rectangles.  You can make your tassels any size you would like.  Cut the fabric twice as long as the length you want your tassels to hang.  

My fabric was about 16" x 16", but varied because I was using worn out clothing and fabric leftovers, so I had to cut around holes and sleeves, etc. 

IDEA:  You can certainly buy fabric to use in this project, but to make it more eco-friendly, use worn out clothes or other leftover fabrics.

Step #2
Fold your fabric in half.

Step #3
Make slits in your folded fabric about an inch or so apart, stopping about an inch or so before getting to the fold.

Step #4
Unfold your fabric.

Step #5

From the middle, roll your fabric.

This is what you'll end up with.

Step #6
Fold your rolled up fabric in half.

Step #7 
Cut a small strip (or use a scrap) of the same fabric and tie it around the top.

Step #8

 Repeat for all of your fabrics.

Step #9
Slide your tassels on ribbon or string.  I used lace, mainly because I have so much of it.  You could also tie the tassels on with another scrap, but I just slide them directly onto the lace.

Step #10

Enjoy your new tassel garland!

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