Design - A - Doll!

I have been making dolls for quite a little while now and I love it.

Things I love about rag dolls:
  • I love picking out the fabric for their outfits
  • I love embellishing their outfits.
  • I love reusing old clothes or using up fabric scraps that would go to waste to make something so sweet and cool.
  • I love it when little girls love my zombie dolls - I love that they are so cool that they know that they are zombies!
My favorite memory was when my nephew asked me for a boy zombie doll, which I made him for his birthday. 

You see, I made my own pattern so I change my own pattern all the time.  I only made girls up until that time.  Caleb wants a boy, I made him a boy!

(He loved it, by the way!)

That's the cool thing about this tutorial, too.  There is a pattern included.  But I take you step-by-step through making a doll from actually designing and drafting a pattern!  It's completely customizable.

You can use any fabric - even old clothing.  Make memory dolls to remember those who have passed.  Use your children's favorite clothing that doesn't fit them anymore.  The ideas and possibilities are really endless!


You need to know how to sew.  I am a self-taught sewer and I only really learn new sewing skills as they are required for me to finish a project.  You'll need to know how to sew in a straight line and go around a curve for the head.  You'll have to hand-sew the head closed.

You'll need: 
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Embroidery floss and needle OR paint (for face)
  • Fabric - for body and hair (I often use felt for hair)
  • Buttons (for zombie doll)
  • Any embellishments for your doll - lace, ribbon, etc.
  • Stuffing - poly fiberfill
With this tutorial eBook you'll learn how to design a doll, draft the pattern and put it all together.  You'll also get a pattern (like my zombie dolls) to help you if you get stuck.

You'll want to make dolls over and over again!

You get all of this for $15!

I know you can do this!  Come out of your cocoon and emerge creatively!

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