Green Handmade Tutorials

Whenever I have a new product or put up a new decoration, people often tell me they "wish" they were creative.  You ARE creative. 

If you want to make your own jewelry, your own doll or your own anything, just GO FOR IT.  You may just need some tools or a little instruction and the desire to make something!  Don't be afraid of failing!  You can just try again if it doesn't work out the first time!

So, I have launched a line of eBooks to help you learn how to use their own creativity to make awesome stuff!

These eBooks are much more than just a tutorial or pattern of how to make a predetermined project.  (Although, I do have eBooks that are like that, too, if that is what you want to do!)  The tutorials will contain lots of information on how to create your own unique project.

Your project won't likely be perfect at your first attempt.  The beautiful thing is that you get to try again!  The more you make the projects, I hope that you will eventually become very comfortable with making things and coming up with your own ideas.  

The more comfortable you become in your crafting skills, the more creative you will be!

I have free tutorials here on the blog.  The green handmade tutorial eBooks are much more involved and contain a lot of basic instruction in addition to the project itself.  You can purchase some of them for instant download  (more will be available for instant download) or you can purchase them in my etsy shop.

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