Virtual Open House!!

Welcome to the B.B. Bellezza Virtual Open House!!
Tonight 7 pm - 9 pm

I'm so glad you came!  If you're wondering what a Virtual Open House even is...Just imagine a jewelry party (or Tupperware, Princess House, etc.) at your own.  There are door prizes and deals.  Except instead of in your house, it's online!  Right here!

Tonight will be a fun couple of hours of door prizes, deals and steals!

To get started, let me tell you how things will work tonight.

Questions or Issues:
If you have any questions, you can reach me quickly via twitter (http://www.twitter.com/BBBellezza) or by sending me an email (BBBellezza@hotmail.com)

Door Prize Giveaways:

  • Every 15 minutes, I'll be updating this post with a photo of a door prize.  At the end of the 15 minutes, I'll pick a winner of that prize, who will also be announced and receive an email.
  • To enter, just leave a comment below (click on "comment" and type in your comment - NOTE:  blogspot's comments have been a little goofy from time to time lately.  If you can't leave a comment, just send me an email instead:  BBBellezza@hotmail.com )  Please put your email address right in your comment to make things simpler for me.
  • Once you have commented, you are entered to win all door prizes that come after the time of your comment.  I am choosing winners in real-time, so if you have left a comment at the time I pick the winner, you are entered.  
  • If you are a newsletter subscriber and responded to my email, you don't need to leave a comment....you're already entered!
  • I will announce the winner right here on the blog and then I'll send the winner an email to get their mailing address.
  • International folks are welcome, with the caveat below in the "small print."
Annoying small print:  Prizes are available to anyone in the United States and internationally, except if you live in a country where the shipping ends up costing more than $5.  Please know the rules of shipping to your country from the United States and realize that any extra fees that may be incurred by you I cannot not be responsible for.  If the shipping costs more than $5, I will let you know how much it is and you can decide to pay the extra for shipping your free prize.  If the cost is over $5 and do not wish to pay the extra, a new winner will be chosen.
Turkey residents:  Shipping jewelry into your country is very expensive (nearly $25).  So, unless you're willing to pay the shipping costs, I'll have to exclude you for the free prizes.  I'm sure there are other countries that have similarly expensive policies, and I'll deal with them on a case-by-case basis.  Thank you for understanding and I feel terrible having to exclude anyone or charge anyone at all!

All the door prizes will be listed at the end of this blog post.  Every 15 minutes a new prize will appear on the post and a winner will be chosen.  (Make sure to hit refresh to keep up!)

7:15 pm     Cord
7:30 pm     Scrabble Tile Pendant
7:45 pm     Earrings
8:00 pm     Hardware Bracelet
8:15 pm     Cuff Bracelet
8:30 pm     Hardware Necklace
8:45 pm     Custom Scrabble Tile Pendant
9:00 pm     Grand Prize - $35 Gift Certificate to my online shop


For tonight only in my etsy shop!  20% off in my shop + free shipping within the United States and Canada (shipping cost will be refunded through paypal after you pay.)  Use the code PARTY at checkout for the discount!

If you spend over $50 tonight during the Virtual Open House, I'll send you a coupon for $5 off your next order!  
If you spend $100 tonight during the Virtual Open House, I'll send you a coupon for $10 off your next order!


When you're ready to check out, in the "shopping cart" just to the right of your order there is a link to "apply coupon code".  Click it and put in the coupon code.

Let me know if you have any issues!  Thanks!

Free Gift:

When you make a purchase between 7 pm - 9 pm tonight, I'll be throwing in a free small gift with your purchase as well!!
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Did you know I started a new website??  Artwork Pendants!  It's all about artwork, art collecting, artists, galleries and my pendants that are a collaboration with artists!

Door Prizes:
(Will appear every 15 minutes!)
 Time indicates when the prize winner will be chosen!

Reminder:  To enter, just click "comments" below and leave a comment with your email address right in the body of the comment.  Once you have commented once, you are entered for all of the prizes to come after that.

{Door Prize sneak peek - if you can't wait to see them all!}

7:15 pm   Cord
Value $4
Choice of color and size
Colors:  Black, Dark Brown, White, Natural, or Pink
Sizes:  16", 18", 20", 22", or 24"
 Winner:  Marilyn (email subscriber)
7:30 pm  Scrabble Tile Pendant
Value $8

Winner:  Donna!  (newsletter subscriber)

7:45 pm  Clock Hand Earrings
Value $10.00
Winner:  Amy! (newsletter subscriber)


8:00 am     Beaded Hardware Bracelet
Value $20.00
Winner:  Jill (Newsletter subscriber)
8:15 pm      Cuff Bracelet
Value $20

Winner:  Julie!

 8:30 pm     Hardware Necklace
$30 Value
Winner:  Anna

8:45 pm     Custom Scrabble Pendant 
You send me a photo and I'll make you a pendant!
Value $15
(Pictured is just an example of one of my own photography)
Winner:  Sarah (newsletter subscriber)

$35 Gift Certificate to my shop!
Winner will be chosen a little after 9:00 pm! 

Good Luck!

Final Grand Prize Winner is:  Janet (newsletter subscriber)

Everyone who won:  You'll be receiving an email from me in a little bit requesting your mailing address so I can send your gifts!

Thanks to everyone who participated!  

Newsletter subscribers - you can continue to use your 25% off coupon code until Friday.  (Hint, if you're not a subscriber, if you subscribe before Friday I'll send you the code!)

Good night!


Julia Holtzer said...

Love your stuff Kimberly...miss seeing you!!!

LikeClochework said...

Love your things! I just wore my hardware earrings and bracelet set the other day.

B.B. Bellezza said...

Thanks guys! :)