Sometimes life has a way of putting exactly what you need right in front of your face.

And, did you ever notice that when you start working on something or thinking about something, everything around you is shouting messages to you.

For example, today I started the Art of Action class.  Every word was something I needed to hear.  Some of it, things I was starting to try to do, but didn't know exactly what to do.

After listening to, watching and beginning to work on the first lesson, I clicked on my horoscope on twitter, this is what it said:

"You cannot see a direct path to success today, but that's okay because you don't mind zigzagging around as you close in on your destination. You may not even care about the details of where you are going now as long as you have a general idea. Ironically, being too practical will only create additional problems. Keep returning to your initial vision; the specifics will come to you over time."

The first lesson is about success.  

Then I was talking to my mom.  It's my birthday and she read to me what she wrote in her journal today about her thoughts on my birthday.  I got sort of stuck on the worksheet portion of the class today because the very first step was to think of a time you felt truly successful or something you feel truly successful about.  I blanked out.  But, my mom gave me a whole list of things I am successful at without me even asking her!  (love mom!) 

I know this class is going to help me.  It already is.

{If you are interested in the class, you can still join for a few more hours!  I highly suggest it based upon the first class! Click here to view more details}   

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