Green Handmade Holidays

Christmas is only 53 days away!

In years past I have made many of my gifts.  This year, I have every intention to do so again.  I have memories (nightmares?) in the past of staying up late still sewing and finishing items on Christmas Eve.  I don’t want that to happen again.  So, although the organized part of me really thinks I blew it already and am running late – comparably, there’s still plenty of time to make great eco-friendly gifts!

And there is certainly plenty of time to support your local artisans this holiday seasons.  Artisans provide one-of-a-kind personal gifts that you can’t get elsewhere!  As a customer told me on Friday, I’m helping to stimulate the local economy.  I was so happy to have someone so precisely get it.

Local craft shows are plentiful this time of year and a great way to spend a day and support local artisans.  You can also support local businesses or shop on Etsy (you can get great handmade items from all over the world, or use the shop local feature on Etsy to keep it close to home.)  For artisans who specialize in turning trash into amazing treasures, search for the Trashion Team on Etsy (trashionteam).  For folks in Pennsylvania, search for the Handmade in PA Etsy Team  (teamhip).

As I search the web for things to make for my friends and family for holiday gifts and look for tips for a greener holiday, I’ll share ideas here.  Of course, I’ll have to keep some of what I’m making a secret until after Christmas!

Happy Green Handmade Holidays!

Over the next 2 months – or rather, 53 days – I’ll be sharing some ideas to make your holidays green and handmade!  We’ll decorate, make presents, wrap and decoration our presents and plan a green holiday celebration!

Green Handmade Holiday Tip:
Here’s a tip from me to get started on your Green Handmade Holiday:  I never use patterns or tutorials exactly as is.  You get the idea from the tutorial or pattern, or possibly the technique and run with it to make it your own.  That is what makes giving handmade so great!  Usually you can find a way to make a tutorial more eco-friendly.  You can use old clothes instead of any fabric, use organic materials, use recycled felt, etc. 

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