Halloween Road Trip

Today we took a break from house-hunting, working, making things, etc. and went on a road trip.  We often do take road trips, but we haven't really had a lot of time recently to just go.

Molly Maguire Park

The photo below is from what might possibly be the strangest memorial I've been to.  (And I have seen a lot of strange things in my travels....)

(I didn't know how to pose.....I smiled, but didn't think I should smile....it was very confusing....)

Jim Thorpe, PA Old Jail

Then we headed to Jim Thorpe, PA.  I think Jim Thorpe is one of the most adorable towns and it's in such a beautiful area.  We went for a different reason than the natural beauty, though.  We went to the old prison.  In this prison, some of the alleged Molly Maguires were hanged.  The strange thing about this, however, is that one of the people who was sentenced to be hanged, Alexander Campbell, exclaimed on his way to the gallows that he was innocent and put a handprint in his cell claiming that the handprint would never disappear as a sign of his innocence.  

The hand print is still there.  It's been cleaned, painted over and even part of the wall removed, and it's still there!  There have been scientists in to investigate and no one can come up for a logical explanation of why the hand print remains.

For more information about the Molly Maguires and the Old Jail, check out their website.

I was sort of sad that we couldn't take a photo of the actual hand print - it's copyrighted.

Spontaneous Stops

One of my favorite things about taking a road trip is finding cool things along the way that you didn't even expect.  We found this awesome cemetery on our way home.

For more photos of our trip, check out my flickr photostream.

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