Quitting My Day Job....One Year Later

I often read the "Quit your day job" series on Etsy and wonder about the people later.  Are they still quit?  Have they found another job?  I guess I wonder more because I did quit my day job and a lot has changed in a year.

Here's an update on me:

For those who need background:  A year and one month ago a quit my day job.  It had sucked the life out of me for 9 years.  It would have probably been an excellent job for someone else and in a different organization.  

I left my job when the situation became completely unbearable.  I cried everyday before work for quite a few months.  When I started crying every day at work, I had to draw the line.  At the time my business was doing very well and I decided to give it a go full-time.

A couple months after leaving my job, I went through 2 of the most difficult and traumatic things I have been through emotionally in my adult life.  I put on a brave face and pushed through them both.  I have literally stared into the eyes of the devil - been scared to death - but did not back down.  

Vague, yes, and no I won't be more specific.  But, do know that if I could do what I did, you can be brave and do anything you are fearing, too.  I didn't win, per se, except to know I am much stronger than I thought.

A couple months ago I started working part-time again somewhere new.  It's a good fit and I'm finding a nice balance in my life.  I'm done by noon each day and have the rest of the day to focus on B.B. Bellezza.  (And they insist that work stay at work and we shouldn't even think about work when we walk out the door!  How many times have you heard a boss say that?)

Though I do miss having my entire day to work on B.B. Bellezza exclusively, I think I've come to a nice balance where I know my living expenses are taken care of and I don't have so much pressure on B.B. Bellezza's performance.  I have learned a lot in the process as well.

Yes, I'm still in a cage working for the man; but it's only a few hours in the morning.  And this is much nicer man.

I have plenty of goals and dreams still for B.B. Bellezza and fully expect it to continue to grow.


Peg Woropay said...

I can relate to something that happened recently to me. Not quite the same situation ..but, still it sure hit home. Thanks for sharing.

BlueRockGourds said...

ditto! Keep on keepin on! Your work is beautiful and you are a beautiful person. Peace. Wendy