why buy handmade?

Here are 14 reasons why I buy handmade:

1.  When you buy handmade from the artist or crafter, you are directly supporting that person.  You are doing so much more than just buying an object.  It's win-win:  you are enriching your life with a beautiful item and enabling an artist to continue to do their dream.
When you purchase from me, once my costs are paid, the funds are used to keep a roof over my head, keep my lights on, food on the table, etc.  Even when artists do have a day job, you are still supporting that artist's endeavors to do what it is that they are best at.

2.  When you buy handmade, you get a personal experience.  You have a direct connection with the person whose hands created the item and the item is much more personal.  You can ask questions and find out everything about a specific piece.  The artist will usually love to tell you about the piece, too.  You can connect in a way unlike any other purchase you make.

3.  When you buy handmade, you get better workmanship.  Each piece is individually made and looked over carefully.  The artist has pride about what they are sending into the world.  And, because of the personal experience from #2, if there ever is a problem, you can just contact the artist to have them fix it. 

4.  You can ask for personalization of pieces that is not possible from things that are not handmade.  You like a piece, but would love it in green - ask the artist.  Most artists are thrilled to do custom work.

5.  When you buy handmade, you know you are getting a unique piece that not everyone has!  Yes, some artist remake similar pieces (myself included), but even so, they cannot mass-produce, so it's highly unlikely you'll ever see someone with the same piece (necklace, shirt, etc.) that you have.

6.  Buying handmade is better for the environment.  Mass production has a devastating effect on our environment.

7.  Artists/crafters actually enjoy making the items they are selling - you are contributing to the positivity of the world as a whole by purchasing it. 

8.  You work hard for your money - you should spend it conscientiously and buying handmade is a way to spend your money conscientiously.

9.  Unique gifts - no one will give the same gift as you!  And it let's the recipient know you think they are unique and special as well!

10.  The more you support handmade, the more you insure that more unique art and crafts are created.

11.  When you buy handmade, you are contributing - and becoming a part of - that artist's dream of having a daily purpose, attaining financial independence, and experiencing joy because they can do work they truly love.

12.  You can find quirkier, more fun things handmade because mass-producers won't take the chance to make thousands of an odd/unique/quirky item.

13.  Sincerity/integrity.  Artists and crafters cannot hide behind a lawyer and a bunch of money so you are more likely to get items made properly and safely.

14.  When you buy handmade you are not just a customer or consumer - you are a supporter, a fan, a collector.

Please comment with why You buy handmade.


meghan. said...

all great reasons -- all reasons I buy! I like to see the unique products; it's like an extension of the artist! I also like to directly support. I know where the product is coming from -- or if I don't, I can ask! It's also fun to buy your products to see what all you can make with recycled products, and I feel good about purchasing something that has been reused! I hope to see you around when I come in sometime. Thanks!

WW said...

1. I love the uniqueness of pieces.
2. I love the idea that they can customize it if I want.
3. I always feel like I'm buying a piece of someone's life, their creativity, I love being able to look at things through other people's eyes.
4. I always hope that if I buy something from an artist, that karma will come back to me, and someone will buy something from me (I know that sounds kinds selfish, but it's true).

I love my 3rd reason the best, it's always fun to see someone else's perspective.

B.B. Bellezza said...

All great reasons!!