My Dad's Influence on B.B. Bellezza

Father's Day is soon, so I thought it would be fitting to tell you about my dad.  

I am lucky to have several really wonderful men in my life.  My boyfriend, and of course the first man I knew - my dad.  My dad is probably (along with my boyfriend) the hardest working man I know.  For one thing, he has a part-time job in addition to his full-time job.  The other thing is, my dad is always working even when he isn't "working."  My parents have a river lot that he is always working to make better.  He is constantly fixing things or inventing things at their house, too.  I have never heard my dad say he can't fix something.  He'll always try.  Frankly, if he can't fix it, I am positive it can't be fixed.

I've talked about my mom doing crafts and that's where I get my creativity, but I think that I get that creativity equally from my dad.  My dad doesn't make jewelry or crafts, but he does have creative ways of fixing things or inventing ways to do things.

My dad started recycling long before anyone else I know.  Long before it was cool and long before it was required.  My parents haven't had garbage service in years - they don't need it!  They barely have any garbage at all.

I remember growing up that my dad would hand me notebooks - that I had thrown away! - and tell me there's still paper in it, so I can still use it, instilling the idea of using resources to their fullest before throwing them out.  

I credit my father with a lot of my interest in reusing, recycling and finding ways to do it yourself before giving up or calling in someone else.  When other people get upset that something isn't working, I try to think of what resources I have right now, what information can I gather to fix the problem.  That's definitely my dad's influence.

Because of my dad's ability to repair things, we've always had a lot of tools and materials around growing up.  Perhaps that's how I got interested in making hardware jewelry.  Washers are just begging to be made into jewelry, in my opinion!

I'm so thankful for the influence my hard-working, creative-thinking dad has had on my life!

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