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As you may already know, I have a monthly email newsletter.  I've experimented with different ways of handling it, and I think I've finally settled (after all this time!)  I used to post the newsletter here, too, but a couple months ago I decided not to do that anymore. 

My newsletter used to be just a way for me to share information about sales or whatnot about my business, but I am trying to push it up a notch and share some useful information about things I think that my customers care about.  

Of course, there will still be announcements if I am having a sale and information about new jewelry I'm working on.  

Also, as an enticement, I have a monthly giveaway to my newsletter subscribers that is either a product or gift certificate.  I choose a winner from all my subscribers.

If you would like to join my newsletter - just fill in the form at the top of the post (or to the right - it's always there!)

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