Flowers and my Grandmother

Maybe you have noticed, I love flowers.  But the truth of the matter is that I cannot grow them.  Every time I get a plant or try to plant flowers, they die.  I bought a Venus Fly Trap recently, and it's only still alive because my boyfriend takes care of it.

Growing up, my grandmother always had flowers.  She planted them all around her house and in a flower garden in the front yard.  She spent hours - days even - weeding and planting on her knees for as long as should could.  When she got too frail to do the planting herself, her family members would do it for her.  I did it at least one year that I can remember.  It's hard work.  I didn't mind at all, though.  Although, I can't seem to take care of my own.

My mother is the same way.  Flowers all over.  This year because of medical problems, my mom isn't supposed to be bending over.  She found a way around this because it wouldn't even occur to my mom to not have flowers.

My grandmother's favorite song was the hymn "In the Garden."  When she was in the hospital in her last days, we all gathered around her bed and sang it to her.  She couldn't talk because of the equipment that was keeping her alive, but we know she loved it.  We all sang the song through tears at her funeral.

Anytime I hear that song, I think of Gram and her flowers.

So that is why I love flowers and probably why I make so many out of other materials - buttons, fabric, tissue paper from patterns, bottle caps, etc.  I want to keep flowers around, even if I'm not good at growing them.

If you love flowers, but don't have a green thumb, or you want to remember your favorite gardener, you can make your own, too!  Or you can visit my booth at Building Character and pick some from me.  (If you aren't in the Lancaster, PA USA area, feel free to contact me to order some!)

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Love the button flower bouquet, wonderful upcycle.

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