Ideas for Reusing and Recycling books

Just think about all the books you have read in your life.  If you kept them all...well, you would probably end up on "Hoarders."  I had a lot of books, but I have really scaled down.  I had a yard sale and sold a bunch, then gave the rest away.

If you have too many books and you don't know what to do, here are some ways to reuse or recycle them, and even have some fun or make some money in the process:

1.  Sell them on eBay or Amazon.
2.  Give them to your local library.
3.  Donate them to a thrift shop.
4. Place them on consignment in your local consignment shop.  They take a percentage of the sale.
5.  Host a book swap party.  (Although, you really won't be losing any books this way....just trading for different books!)
6.  Put them on Freecycle
7.  Check out Bookmooch.  Basically, you offer books for people to buy for points.  Then, you use those points to get other books.
8.  Donate them to a hospice or hospital
9.  Check out Bookcrossing.  Set your book free on a bench or in a bus, etc. and then you can track your book's journey on this website.
10.  If they are not readable, or have been damaged, use them to make craft projects!  (More ideas on this later this week!)

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