Newsletter change to note

Cha cha cha cha changes...

I am changing the format of my monthly newsletter a bit.  If you receive the B.B. Bellezza Monthly Newsletter via email don't worry - that hasn't changed.  But, if you enjoy my newsletter via my blog or on facebook only, there will be changes.  I won't be posting my full newsletter here on my blog any longer.  There will likely be bits and pieces of it here, but there won't be the full long version.  If you do want to receive the newsletter, please feel free to sign up for my email newsletter.  (There's a form on the right on my blog.)

Facebook fans will still be entered into the monthly giveaway and will still be included for discounts, but will also not receive the newsletter in full form.

(Yes, I have a monthly giveaway for my facebook fans and email newsletter subscribers!  Join today to get entered for March's giveaway!)

Announcement over, now have a good day!

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