Old Buildings

As some of you may know (although many of you may not, I am realizing), my boyfriend and I love to go on road trips to weird and historical places. We also write a zine about our adventures (well, my boyfriend writes it, I do everything else, though!) called Outta the Way.

I love old buildings, especially those with a history behind them. I also love to take photos. Usually I have more than 100 (usually more like 150-200) for every road trip. Honestly, they are not all gorgeous pieces of work. Many are for reference - we were there, this is what we saw - that sort of thing. But, sometimes we take really beautiful photos.

I took the photo used in the pendant above. It's of the Star Barn in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. I think it is a nice photo but mainly because of how beautiful the sky was that day. Also, the architectural of the old star barn is simply stunning.

I have started, and plan to continue to make pendants from my photography. They will most likely be featuring old buildings, cemeteries, etc. from the places we visit.

I really like to try to use recycled pieces in my jewelry as much as possible, but the glass pendants such as what you see here is not. However, in this piece, for example, I am featuring a photo of a building that is trying to be saved from the wrecking ball. I think that is important, too. I think that it can start a conversation and spread the idea that we don't have to tear down every old building to make yet another strip mall. Or even just "hey look at this cool building" and then people won't want it to be torn down.

Just in case you are interested, this piece is listed in the Outta the Way Etsy Shop.


Julie said...

I love going to old historical places and photographing them too. I like the way it looks in a necklace.

Autumnforest said...

I will avidly be following you. I have a great deal of people in my life who live to go to abandoned places and cemeteries. I suspect I might find some fun gifts!

B.B. Bellezza said...

Glad to find some like-minded people! :) I will definitely making more photos of old, abandoned and historical places into necklaces!