New Series

I took the photo on our recent mini vacation in Western Pennsylvania. We saw these wind turbines on the tops of mountains all over. They were almost magical to me. They are giantic and there were hundreds of them together and they were on top of mountains.

I used a photograph that I took at the abandoned Stewartstown Railroad in York County, Pennsylvania. (also a subject in Volume 7 of Outta the Way)

These are both now available in my etsy shop. They are the first two pieces in my new line of jewelry featuring my own photography. There are more to come.

Also, don't forget that I am happy to do custom pendants....but if you want them for the holidays, you should really contact me soon. Just shoot me an email. It works best if you have a jpg of your photo that you can email me, but I can work with actual photos, too. (Of course, you'll have to mail them to me or somehow get them to me.) I can also do Definition Scrabble Tile Pendants with whatever word that you would like.


TOMORROW! I will be announcing my Black Friday Sale - for those of you in Lancaster, PA and able to come out to BUiLDiNG CHARACTER

and Cyber Monday Sale - for all you online shoppers!

So make sure you check in tomorrow!!


Autumnforest said...

More! More! More!
Those are gorgeous! That's along the lines of the sort of feeling I'm going for with my crafts, incorporating my love of abandoned places. Beautiful!

B.B. Bellezza said...

Oh, good!! I am so glad you like them! There are a few more that I actually have done and need to share and hopefully many more to come! :) YAY!