Thursday Green Artist of the Week: GoGoGirlz

This week, I am thrilled to share a talented green shop with you! Actually 2 shops: GoGoGirlz and Tie One On Designs . These girls offer trendy, funky, recycled, crafted jewelry and accessories that give new life to men's neckties.

I asked the GoGoGirlz a few questions, here's what they had to say:

How did you get started making jewelry from recycled materials?
The GoGoGirlz are two CrAzY Girlz who LOVE to CREATE Trendy, FuNkY, and even CHUNKY Jewelry and Fashion Accessories. We recycle, reuse, and reconstruct the ordinary into EXTRAORDINARY works of Trashion Fashion art. The GoGoGirlz name comes for one of our last names beginning with a "G" and the other one beginning with an "O". "O" is a former art teacher for private schools where the art supply budget was very limited. She got resourceful for school projects and started using recycled materials. The GoGoGirlz meet on the sidelines of the soccer field as soccer momz. They teamed up for their first trashion fashion adventure with men's neckties. You can see our necktie purses and skirts at their second etsy shop: tieoneondesigns. (We are sold out of necktie wrist cuff bracelets right now but check back soon.)

As for soda can creations, we are always searching for new recycled art projects and soda cans projects often "popped" up. So, we collected a few cans and went to work adding our own creativity and flair. Are recycling doesn't stop with soda cans and neckties. When visiting our GoGoGirlz shop, don't forget to check out the bracelet made with recycled Monopoly money.

Why do you use recycled materials?

Recycled materials are creative and resourceful. Free is a great price when using donated materials. It's so much more fun and challenging to search for recycled materials instead of a boring trip to the craft store for new supplies. And, by giving neckties and soda cans an exciting second life as jewelry, purses and clothes, we are doing our small part to save "trash" from the landfill.

Do you mind telling us where you get your materials? (Do you just drink a lot of soda? LOL)
Friends, neighbors, co-workers and family donate soda cans to us. First we were know around town as "those necktie ladies" and now it's "those soda can ladies" Don't know how we are suppose to take that but we choose to take it as a compliment. Most of the time we do not even ask for cans. People see what we make, and in a few weeks, they are handing us a bag of cans to support our cause. Pink creations are always popular for all girlz. "G"s wonderful sister-in-law drinks one energy drink in a pink can a day to keep our pink inventory up. On March 15, we got a last minute order for 20 green shamrocks so we drank a lot of 7-up and Mountain Dew that night before we could drop that custom order in the overnight mail box! We are finishing an order for 18 purple pairs of earrings an Alzheimer Walk team in November so last month we encouraged the neighborhood kids to drink grape sodas.

Anything else we should know about your business you would like to share?
We offer wholesale pricing and free shipping for brick and mortar boutiques, craft show vendors and other retail businesses when purchasing 12 or more items. Soda can creations can make great fundraisers for school groups and festivals. We do have a third etsy shop: 12thwoman. This shop features trashion fashion from salvage Texas A&M University Corps of Cadets uniforms.
Soon, we will be introducing our colorful soda can Christmas tree ornaments.

This is an example from their Tie One On Designs shop:

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