Weekend in Review

I had the most fabulous weekend, Saturday in particular. It was the perfect mash of business - road tripping - food - and entertainment.

The day started out in the morning with a trip to the adorable West Reading, PA. I have definitely been here before, but don't remember it being so cute!

There were gigantic flower pots everywhere and these awesome birch (?) trees with the bark peeling off!
The reason I was in West Reading was to drop off things to Hello Bluebird, a new consignment shop that I am so very happy to be in. (Look how happy! I am such a dork...and my hair is still wet and flat on my head, but here I am in the store:)

From there we went a couple "goose hunts," as Jim and I call them, trying to find the abandoned Pennhurst State Mental Hospital (now the National Guard is there, so we're not sure if they tore it down, or we just can't access the area where it stands. We weren't about to mess with the National Guard trying to find it!) We also went in search of "Midgetville" that we read about in "Weird Pennsylvania." (One of the few places we have to find yet in the book!) We have mixed feelings about our findings there!

But then we went on to Philadelphia!

I had never been to Pat's, but I am already craving another! The line was intimidating, but it was super fast. By the time you get the order out, they have taken your money and given you your cheese steak. (You order cheese steaks at one window, fries and soda at another.) Plus, you can use the time to practice ordering. Jim told me I still ordered like a tourist. Whatever, I was a tourist!

The experience was fun and the cheese steak amazing! Now we have to taste Geno's across the street!

From there we went to Art Star (Sorry no photo!), which is a great gallery/shop.

Then we went to the Eastern State Penitentiary. The country's first penitentiary. It is massive and quite amazing. You can tour most of the ruins. (You can see the Philadelphia skyline in the background.)

And then, the whole reason we even were coming to Philadelphia to begin with: Handmade Nation! We attended the Philadelphia screening. I have been waiting to see this for years when I heard about the filming of it while it was being filmed. I thought it was awesome. Yes, I am a geek who adores documentaries. They are probably my favorite kind of movie. I love hearing people's stories. (Also why I love This American Life.)

Afterwards we stayed for the question and answer session. Then Jim surprised me by buying me the Handmade Nation book, so I got it signed by Faythe Levine and got to meet and talk to her. (By the way, I have already read the entire book!)

This movie and the book have inspired me immensely. Beware: I haven't even scratched the surface of what I want to do with art and crafts. Not even close.


Autumnforest said...

That sounds like a blast! I sense you're going to be on a creative bender now! :-)

B.B. Bellezza said...

Yes! As soon as I get home from this very uncreative day job!