Thursday Green Artist of the Week - Various!

This week I am featuring a few of my pa team peeps. Each item uses recycled components. Each of these sellers are from PA!

Made with recycled cardboard.

I am really a Pepsi girl myself, but I still LOVE these postcards!

Made with a vintage tin.
This pin cushion is magical, too! It has magnets so it picks up your pins! How genius!
Want to be featured or know someone who should be? Contact me. Thanks!


Autumnforest said...

I'm totally excited about the "green" revolution. Even my son's girlfriend is studying sustainable architecture in college. I, myself, am the queen of reusing things. I adore junkyards. I love abandoned stuff. I'm a freak that way--always have been. I'm thrilled to see others finding new purposes for old things. As a psychic, too, I have to admit that objects hold memories and feelings and reusing them really gives them new life in more ways than one!

B.B. Bellezza said...

I completely agree! I do feel like reusing objects is more than just saving the planet or keeping things from the landfill (although I do think that is my main reason for reusing things.) Even if you're not psychic, you can imagine and think about what the previous owner may have used the object for, or how they felt, etc. and I think that is fascinating and important.

brookiellen said...

thanks for the feature, Kim!!! great post!

The Point said...

Thanks so much for including me in this great post. GO PA & GO GREEN!