I hate Mondays giveaway!

I hate Mondays, but I don't really want to. I decided to try to do things here that help make Monday a little more bearable.

So, today I am going to give away this pendant! It's a monkey, it's a stamp, it's a scrabble tile pendant...it's awesome! It makes me smile, which is what we need on a Monday!!

To win this, leave a comment here with what has been inspiring you lately!
I will randomly choose someone Tuesday morning and announce it here, so check back!

My inspiration: I mentioned last week that I recently saw Handmade Nation and also read the book and have been very inspired ever since then!


There were 8 comments here and 3 on facebook, for a total of 11. Random.org picked #10, which is.....
Becky! (on facebook!)
I have really enjoyed reading about your inspirations!

Make sure you come back next Monday for some new fun!


The Beaded Pillow said...

Good morning Bellizza. I don't really hate Mondays, but it's always nice to do a kind thing for people and a give-away is VERY kind. lol I'm inspired by all the fabrics in my craft room. I love beading my pillows, but I can appreciate jewelry. Your pendant is darling! I would wear it with pride. Hope your Monday is lovely. ~ Karen at The Beaded Pillow

The Point said...

Good Morning! What a fun idea. I too am inspired by fabrics and prints! A button or two has also caused great inspiration. Have a lovely week.

Katie said...

I love this idea! And the pendant, too!
I'm inspired by my daughter. She is a force to be reckoned with! Raised in our agnostic/atheist household, she began asserting herself as a Christian when she was about 5. Despite our skepticism, she found a church and a friend who would get her there every Sunday. She worked her way right into the heart of that church and involved herself in every possible program and activity. I have to admit, her passion has made me question my own lack of faith!
Now, at 11, she's pursuing her other love, acting. I say, Hannah Montana, watch out!
(btw: Thanks for the opportunity to brag on her a bit! It was fun!)

KathleenLD said...

What a great idea! And a great pendant! I have been inspired by my old heroes lately... Somehow I stopped paying attention to them along the way and I've been rediscovering them and how smart they are lately. It's really helped me be less frustrated and more hopeful!

Megan said...

I must say that I have never visited your site before, but I saw it posted on my facebook newsfeed and thought I'd check it out. A "I hate Mondays giveaway" is such a wonderful idea. Very nice and very inspiring. Lately, I've actually been inpsired just by the people I meet. My family and friends of course, but also the people in my church and also just random people on the street. We are all connected in this big world, and a little smile or "good morning" can help remind us of this. I guess this is what has been inspiring me lately.

I can't wait to rome about this website and see all this beautiful jewlery, and hopefully make it to your store in Lancaster soon! Have a great Monday!

Melissa Brosey said...

monday, monday...sigh...

my main inspiration in life comes from my two sons. they inspire me everyday to reach for the stars!

RuJu said...

Hey! Erin here. I am a fellow monday hater. Actually every work day hater. So...I wanna play!
My inspiration is never one set thing. Each thing I make comes from a different source of inspiration, and it is always completely random. Sometimes in the evening I will be watching tv with my husband, usually an HGTV 'flip my broken house that needs to be moved and have the yard crashed all while I complain about having to do the work myself' type of show. (he loves those). Anyway, sometimes the designers on the show inspire me with the color choices they use...sometimes it's the theme of the home. Then there are other times where I am totally inspired by toys at big lots (see my football makeup case).
So that is the type of thing that inspires my designs. Now, what inspires me to keep making things? Obviously the positive feedback I get from my buyers (and just fans) and the support from my family. Every single thing I have made to date my 5 year old daughter has asked me if she could have it. lol!


Pa-Dutch-Travel said...

I hate Mondays too. Although, today is not going too bad. I LUV the monkey pendant. I especially like his bird hat. Have a great week everybody!

Kelly Watson | Marketing For Women said...

How pretty! Sorry I missed this one. I love the colors.