Upcoming Excitement

Sorry about the lack of blog posts. This week has been insane!

I am very much looking forward to the Virtual Open House on Sunday! It's going to be great! And it will make up for the lack of posts lately. And there's still time to pre-register. It's no longer available after the Virtual Open House starts, and you get a great discount. (If you get in soon enough, you get a free gift, too....)

I will be available via Twitter (@BBBellezza) and AIM (BBBellezza) during the Virtual Open House, so don't be shy to ask questions if you have any.

I have been stocking up the shop, and don't worry, there's a lot more stocking up to do! Plus, some stuff will be available for purchase right here on the blog and some won't be listed until right at the open house itself!

See you Sunday! Have a great weekend until then!


Polzic said...

Hola, te dejo la direccion de la nueva pagina lego!

Hello, I give you the link to the new lego page


Visitanos y vota!

Visit us and vote

Saludos y muchas gracias, Polzic.

Goodby and thanx, Polzic.

Liv said...

Hi! Your virtual open house sounds like a great idea! I wish I could be there BUT it'll be 4am my time, so I'll be in bed asleep (hopefully)! :P

I hope it goes well! :)
--Liv from Australia--