New Fun Blog Weekly Feature

I want to introduce to you a new weekly feature on the blog! Each week I am going to bring you a tip for greener living. I am a firm believer that tiny steps can have big impact if we all stick together. Maybe one recycled can doesn't make a huge difference, but if everyone recycled one can, it does make a difference!

I hope to bring lots of really easy tips, maybe some you already do (great!) and maybe some you hadn't thought about.

This week, I want to remind you of a great tip that Debbie from My Aunt Debbie gave us a few months ago!

Use cloth napkins!

Really think about the amount of paper napkins you use and how much waste you could save by not using them! And cloth napkins are so much prettier and make any meal feel a little more special!

You can find them at Good Will or even make your own!

Think of the possibilities! And how cute they can be! I am thinking about making personalized napkins for each family member, instead of matching sets.

This is something so simple and easy, too. They don't take up much extra space in your laundry to wash.

Honestly, I made one set of cloth napkins, and then didn't use them again. I am publicly announcing my intentions here to use cloth napkins from now on!

Who's with me?

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MamaKate said...

We have been using cloth napkins for years. I by them at yard sales from little old ladies. When the kids' friends come over they think we are fancy. I inform them that we are just cheap.