5 Random Things I am Loving Right Now

This week is going to be pretty hairy for me, preparing for my Open House. I am very excited and my mom is coming to help, so that's awesome as well. But, I am going to be very busy getting ready.

Last night, after running errands and making some other jewelry, I decided that I should make 100 more Scrabble Tile Pendants. Now, I didn't end up making that many (more around 50 or so), but it was more exhausting than I anticipated and today I am wiped.

So, I apologize for the incoherent blog post! It might be fun though....

I am just going to tell you about a few things that I am loving right now!

#1 On Sunday, my boyfriend Jim and I went to the American Music Fest along the river in Harrisburg, PA. If you haven't been there, there are several stages with different music groups performing all day at the different stages. We saw a nice variety.

The main reason we really wanted to check it out, though, was because my boyfriend's friend Earl was performing for Hip Hop Hour. In the past Hip Hop wasn't really represented well at Music Fest, but this year was a little different. I hadn't seen E-Will and D-Bo (his brother) perform before (although my boyfriend has) and I must say I was very pleasantly surprised. I actually do like rap music, but I hate gangster rap and anything super negative or derogatory to women. E-Will's message was positive and fun. I fully expect him to make it big some day.

Check him out here. He has a CD, too, which has been on constant play in our house and car since Sunday night. It's really good and his brother is a really great singer, too.

#2 The Hodge Podgery Check out the website and then check out the store in Harrisburg, PA if you can. B.B. Bellezza will be represented (if I ever get a second to send some things....sorry Dawn!) Dawn (co-owner with her daughter) has an energy that is, well, electric. You feel more excited just talking to her. What they have going on is very exciting for Harrisburg! Yay!

#3 Volume 3 of Outta the Way (a zine written by my boyfriend Jim and myself) is now available. Did you know that The Blob was filmed in Pennsylvania? It was and we have a tour of some of the great spots where scenes were filmed. Don't forget BlobFest in Phoenixville, PA!! (You can pick up a copy at my booth at Building Character, or in my Etsy Shop.)

#4 Rachel's Cafe and Creperie We went here on First Friday before things got busy (while I still had a chance to eat before my stand went crazy!). Wow! I love this place. And my step-daughter says she's addicted, too. We both had the Philly cheese steak crepe. I have also had the cordon blue crepe, which is also amazing. Highly recommend Rachel's!

#5 We also got to walk around a little before the festivities and I finally got to see Annex 24 Gallery. Lots of cool art there! Definitely check this place out, too!


Autumnforest said...

Oh, I miss being able to go out and about in summertime. Here in the desert, we hide from about May until October and live like vampires. Enjoy an afternoon rain for me. :-)

B.B. Bellezza said...

LOL! From May to Oct is when I happiest and out and about the most!