Recycled Jewelry

Help keep stuff out of the landfill! Buy B.B. Bellezza recycled jewelry.
A few examples:
Scrabble tile pendants made with salvaged scrabble tiles and pages from vintage dictionaries.

Necklaces made with salvaged keyhole covers and watch parts.

Rings made with salvaged typewriter keys. The typewriter was rescued from the dumpster and cleaned up.
I just made a flyer/poster that is like this. (The formatting is different, the content is the same.) What do you think?


Carrie said...

Rest assured that after my next paycheck I'll be the proud owner of one of your recycled jewelry pieces. You're a genius with designing these. I could never see something and visualize it's potential like that.

Enormous kudos. :)

B.B. Bellezza said...

Thank you!!! :) You made my day!!

Robin Hartman said...

I love that keyhole necklace. Absolutely beautiful and clever. I love innovative ways of creating new items from recycled material, especially when it creates industrial style jewelry.