Handmade Christmas, Part IV

It's difficult to tell from this photo, but these guys were really cute, actually!

I had a difficult time coming up with something that my 2 nephews would like. Well, they happen to love monkeys, so these sock monkeys seemed perfect. In fact, as soon as they opened them, they were bonking each other over the head with them. I was picturing more of adorable angelic sleeping with them cuddling them, but I guess they like them nonetheless.

I made these basically the day before I was going to give them to my nephews, so I was in a sort of desperate sock situation....plus, the stores were madhouses and I hate shopping. I do love the argyle one, but I think I would find cuter socks the next time I made a sock monkey. And I have every intention to make more sock monkeys!

I got the tutorial from here. It is wonderful and step-by-step with great photos and so easy to follow! These were a lot of fun to make.

Now I am trying to figure out who will get my next sock monkeys.....

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