Amethyst Earrings

Amethyst Earrings , originally uploaded by B.B. Bellezza.

I love these chunky amethyst earrings, which are in my Etsy Shop!

I actually am really liking this photo, too. Just a year ago I got my new camera and that has made such an incredible difference! I can't even believe the photos I used to have. Horrible.

I can still use a lot of work on the photos, but I think I am getting better and better. (For example, this photo would be better without the light reflection!)

I think the main things that have helped me photograph my jewelry more effectively are:

1. Macro setting on my camera!!
2. More megapixels. (honestly I had like 1 megapixel on my old camera!)
3. I made a really simple handmade light box. You can do this for next to nothing with stuff you have around the house. Really, you can.
4. Stopped using the flash an got daylight light bulbs. Most people will tell you to take photos in natural light. While I completely agree with them, my schedule does not allow for this most of the time.

I am not going to dig out an old photo for you to compare, but I guess if you were really curious, you could probably find one if you looked hard enough.

*If you would like to buy these gorgeous amethyst earrings for $4 off, be the first to purchase them on Etsy before Wednesday at midnight. Use the code "quickblogsale1" in the notes to seller when you checkout. Wait to pay and I will send you a new invoice with the discounted price.

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