Samples and Progress

Samples, originally uploaded by B.B. Bellezza.

I made a bunch of samples last night to send off to an event in NYC.

I had the most difficult time coming up with an idea for a sample that didn't make me broke, but still showed my workmanship. Someone on Etsy actually gave me the suggestion and I really liked it!

The charms are attached to a little card with a coupon code and some information about my jewelry.

These are all packaged up and got shipped out this morning! I am considering making more to have on hand for different things that come up so there isn't such a scramble all the time.

Tonight I have just been wire-wrapping beaded charms all evening. I do have a charm bracelet in mind, but I also just kept making charms so I have extras for promos.

When I would get bored or distracted, I would make a pair of earrings. I actually ended up with A LOT of earrings (and a lot of charms, but no bracelet!) I also actually made a really long beaded necklace tonight, too. I have kind of gotten away from beading (as opposed to wire-wrapping or making pendants, etc.) It is really fun and funky.

I also took another tip from the forums on Etsy today to make things in steps and started some altered art game pieces. Lately I have been making some pendants that are a little different than previous peices. The ones I have made so far are on display at Building Character. Rest assured though, there are many more in the works!

Good Night!

It's time for bed!

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