Sometimes you have to rework a bracelet ...

Star Charm Bracelet, originally uploaded by B.B. Bellezza.

I had created this charm bracelet several months ago - like 6 months to be exact. It has 2 different sizes of stars and has TONS of them!

However, the original design was way too large. I don't know, I just went crazy. I was making it during a show and just kept on going and going. People looked at it all the time, but they were alwasy like, what is this, a necklace? no, too short. A bracelet? no, too long.

It was adjustable, and I tried to convince people of that. They didn't like it.

So, I shortened it. I changed the clasp. Now people know it's a bracelet. And I can make it shorter on request as well.

I like it a lot more now.

This will be available in my shop sometime very soon.

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