The Wind Can't Keep a Good Stand Down!

I have been having this battle with Mother Nature. I have these cool shutters that I use for earring displays and they worked so nicely indoors.

Then, I went outside. The first week was fine. The next week..... well, let's just say I had a little mini-meltdown after the millionth time they were knocked over by the wind. We finally decided that if we just put them on the ground next to the table they wouldn't blow over and I wouldn't have to either run and hold the display every time the wind blew or cry every time I had to pick up a bunch of earrings.

I really hated them on the ground. (See the first photo above.) People had to crouch over and only a couple people could even get into the stand at one time when someone was looking at earrings. I am sure some people missed them altogether.

Then, an idea. Frankly, I have a horrible memory and don't know where this idea came from. It could have been someone at market, it could have been my boyfriend or it could have even been me! Thank you to whomever it was!

We hung the shutters from the tent. Simple and effective. They didn't blow around and it was awesome!

Cute, right?

There are a lot of empty spots on those shutters right now, too. LOL (I must get working on some new earrings!)

I must say that I have come a very long way from where I started doing craft shows. My displays were horrible and I was so nervous and stressed at craft shows. I barely even wanted to talk to people. I was also so afraid that everyone would hate my stuff.

Starting in the Spring I have basically done at least one craft show or market every weekend, only having a few weekends off. I feel like an old pro, even though I know that I really am not. I actually have fun now and don't stress at all. (Except for the wind thing...) I am much more confident. I actually really enjoy going to craft shows and market. Well, I don't necessarily "enjoy" setting up and tearing down, but it beats an office job any day. I know, I have one of those, too.

It has taken some trial and error, creativity, and some dumb luck, but I am really happy with my stand.

If you care to see my stand live and in action this weekend, be sure to come check out:

Sunday Market at Building Character (I am there every Sunday!)

342 North Queen Street, Lancaster, PA 11 am - 3 pm

You will find fresh produce, art, prepared food, coffee, pastries and of course JEWELRY a la B.B. Bellezza!

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