Show Recap - Eastern Market

Saturday was Second Saturday at Eastern Market. I had the best neighbors (which, I usually do, honestly.)

I had a new addition to my stand this week: shutters! I have had this idea previously, but hadn't found what I was looking for. Well, the last time we went yard-saling I found these shutters for FREE! I just cleaned them up a little and put my earring cards through the slots. It was perfect and I actually sold a lot of earrings. I hadn't sold a lot of earrings before this show because my earrings were not displayed properly.

I wanted to share my new feature to my stand to show you that you can really make great set ups without spending a lot of money (or in the case of the shutters, NO money.) Once you start thinking of ways to display your items, things will start appearing to you everywhere (thrift stores, yard sales, your house, your friends' houses...ha!!) I am not suggesting that you use shutters...but come up with your own creative idea and start searching for it.

The day was HOT! I am considering bringing a fan for next month (I considered calling one in from boyfriend, but stuck it out instead). But, I packed lots of water so it wasn't so bad really.

Those of you who are local, it is really worth your time to check out Eastern Market each Saturday 9 am - 2 pm, every second Saturday there are artists in addition to the local farmers, flowers, etc.
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