Unique Item

The above necklace is up for auction in my eBay store. I had no idea it would be so popular. Actually, I did have sort of an idea.....it is really cool. It is a magnifying glass locket pendant. It looks like a locket and opens up to have a magnifying glass. I didn't realized they existed until recently. It would have been perfect for my grandmother who was always using a magnifying glass to read!

Soon, I will have some photos to share with you of some new items. I just have been so hard at work creating them that I haven't taken the time to photograph them. My boyfriend just called it my Hot Wire Line! Additionally, I have created another line that has yet to be named!

Also, I will be at Eastern Market this weekend.

June 14, 2008 9am-2pm
308 East King Street Lancaster, PA
Come by if you can!

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