Craft Show Recaps

Hey Guys!

It is sort of strange to think as recently as a year ago I was so scared to death at craft shows and got so sick and nervous before them....considering the amount of craft shows that I have done in the past month.... Art Walk, Yard Sale, Humanity Fest, Punk Rock Flea Market, City Arts Festival, and First Friday.

It's basically been every week since the end of April (with the exception of one week). One thing that has been fabulous for myself in every aspect of my life is that I am so much more confident. Of course there are people who are negative, but the feedback has been very positive and that just makes you feel great. Plus, I am getting really good at setting up and tearing down.

So May 31st I did the City Arts Market. There were a few circumstances that probably held people back from coming to CAM (rain, a race that closed down the road....etc....) However, the show ended up being a ton of fun and relatively successful.

Then yesterday (Friday, June 6, 2008) we set up for First Friday at ASSETS on Prince St. in Lancaster, PA. First Friday is the first Friday of each month where the galleries and the quaint little shops in Lancaster stay open late into the evening. It was hot.....super hot....and the first part of the evening was slow.....I mean super slow. I was getting a little worried, upset and kind of miserable because of the heat.

Then, the sun started to go down a little....and the people came.....and they came....and they came! The show was supposed to be over at 8 p.m. We were still selling after 9 p.m. So, if you were there, you ROCK! It was my best show ever! And I have never seen Lancaster so alive. Wow, I felt like I was missing out all this time since I had never been to First Friday.

(The first photo is from CAM, the rest are from First Friday).

So, now it's 11 p.m. on Saturday night, and what else am I doing, but making jewelry! I am getting a little light in inventory....which is a great place to be! I was getting tired, but my boyfriend is watching a horror movie marathan....so I will probably stay in the studio making jewelry. No, I don't like horror movies, save a few select choices.

I hope to show off some of the new pieces very soon....as soon as I get my table cleared off to take some photos! My studio becomes a complete wonderful mess while I am working. The ideas are flowing and everything is everywhere.

I want to say thank you all for your continued support....I have some great new pieces and even more in my head to come, so keep on coming out!

Back soon with more photos!


jenscloset said...

I know those shows are a lot of work!! I've helped my daughter with some--thanks so much for commenting on my blog, it's always exciting when I actually get a comment!

Extravaganza Craft Productions said...

Your booth looks very interesting with unique displays.

I was wondering about the busts you used as well as the standing metal screens you had.

They were both interesting and unique.

Shasta McLaughlin