Mother's Day

(My mom and dad)
How was your Mother's Day?
Mine was incrediably fun! Actually, it started on Saturday. My mom wanted to go to Intercourse, PA and I had never been there before (despite living in the county for 8 years) and it had been years since my mom had been there. There are lots of quaint shops and interesting stuff. I got a new addition to my craft show stand....which I will try to take a photo of once I have the display set up.
We then went to the National Christmas Center, which is this wonderful museum in Paradise, PA. It is a museum set up in all Christmas stuff. It was completely amazing. And, they gave my mom a rose. I forgot my camera, but my mom had hers. Eventually she just handed it to me to take photos because I had the shakes. :)
Sunday, actual Mother's Day, I surprised my mom with a ride on the Strasburg Railroad. Well, she had that figured out, but she didn't realize that we were eating on the train. It was great fun. I think that I probably wouldn't eat on the train again, but it was a wonderful experience. I will, however, definitely ride on the train again.
Then we went to mini golf at the coolest mini golf place ever. I actually hate mini golf, but had a lot of fun there. It was called Lost Treaure Golf and Maze and it is on Lincoln Highway just past the outlets, if you're interested. Mom got a discount there. Cool.
We also had a cookout and shoofly pie and corn on the cob and strawberry shortcake over the weekend. It couldn't have been a more perfect weekend, really.
Find photos of our weekend on my flickr. (Minus the National Christmas Center...they will be added at a later time.)

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