Edgar Allan Poe Jewelry....and updates on me

I have several new pieces to share - some still need photographed. The above photos are of a Edgar Allan Poe Altered Art Kilt Pin and Charm Bracelet. They include.....BUTTONS! They also have these rich colored mysterious "stone" beads. (Beats me what they are, but they are cool.) They are in honor of one of my favorite authors. I plan to have a necklace and either another bracelet or a second necklace.....

For information about Edgar Allan Poe and his rough life, you can read all about him here.

I have another bracelet similar to the one shown, so is in my etsy shop and one will be available for consignment or in a gallery perhaps. (I got a few things in the cooker....more about them when I have more information.) Or, perhaps I will finally have another whimsical charm bracelet for myself. I keep meaning to make myself one, I just never do.

The Yard Sale on Saturday went pretty well. We sold some stuff and my landlord came around and picked up leftover stuff for Good Will, so my basement is still clutter-free! I also sold some jewelry from my jewelry stand, which was a nice surprise. I did set it up, but I really didn't know if it was a good environment for it, I guess it was a good idea!

It was really overcast and threatening to storm all day (although it didn't until later) so I think it wasn't as busy as in past years. However, people did tell me that traffic was a nightmare, so it must have been busier than I thought.

I had finals, which went fine. The final I thought would be easy was hard and the one I thought would be hard was easy.....of course! I am happy to have that over so I can really focus on some new designs. Some of those will be creeping into my etsy shop as I get them photographed. Others are in my head still, so they will be appearing as they are created.

I also wanted to just put this out there. I think that in the near future I will be looking for either gallery space or retail space...or a combination. I think that I would really love to give classes, too. So, my point being, if anyone has any leads, please let me know. I am mostly interested in downtown Lancaster City (Pennsylvania), but would consider other towns (in no real order of importance: Lititz, Ephrata, Strasburg....maybe others, I am not sure.) If you are someone who has some gallery or retail space for rent, or come accross someone who does...etc....just keep it in the back of your head for me. Thanks!

It also occured to me to share space, so if it's something you have thought about, give me a holler.

Or, if you have a local shop and take consignments, I might be interested in that as well.

More jewelry photos soon. I am really excited about jewelry I created last night, so I can't wait to share it!

Take care!!

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