Conversations with the Fat Girl ... A Book Review

Actually the second book I have read this year, but the first book review...

This is a cute and fun novel if you just want to veg out and not think too much. This isn’t a book that makes you think or come to some wonderful conclusion. It is entertaining, but not particularly thought-provoking.

Basically, Maggie and Olivia have been best friends since they were in grade school. They were both overweight and become friends because they had no other friends. Now they are grown up and Maggie is still dealing with being overweight, while Olivia has had gastric-bypass surgery and will be a size 2 at her wedding. Olivia is marrying a handsome doctor and living out the girls’ teenage fantasy, but is hiding her past from all her new friends, and has pushed out Maggie.

Maggie comes to grips with her issues and gains confidence. She is inspiring because of this.

This book reminded me of … me. I am – and always have been – overweight. Maggie’s fears and thoughts are mine as well.

Maggie is successful in the end and gets the boy and I cheered! (I got the boy, too, by the way, just not the weight loss!)

This is a great book when you just want to unwind and not really have to think too much. I hate to be down on the book too much because I really did enjoy reading it, I just don't think it was wonderful writing or made any kind of great statement. It was a fairy tale. I happen to like fairy tales every once in a while in my dark world of drama, so I did enjoy this.

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Enjoy and don't try to think to much!!

Love your favorite Fat Girl,


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